this page is for my pokemon shiny hunting stuff. shiny hunting is something i've really loved since i was a child, but only recently have i actively started hunting for shinies! i don't own ALL my past shinies anymore, but i can list the ones i used to have and the ones i have now!
i'm also currently shiny hunting in both pokemon ultra moon and pokemon crystal!
shinies I've owned (lost)
  • Cleffa, Smoochum, Igglybuff, Elekid (Crystal, I lost my cartridge a while back)
  • Tentacruel & Golem (Diamond and SoulSilver, respectively)
  • Shaymin (Diamond)
shinies I own now
  • Klefki (X)
  • Altaria (OR)
  • Mimikyu, Alolan Raichu, Lurantis, Whimsicott (Sun)
  • Stufful, Primarina, 2 Swanna, Hippowdon, Helioptile (Ultra moon)
currently hunting for
i'm currently also playing etrian odyssey nexus, but i'm hunting for shinies of my top favorite gen 2 pokemon!! also known as a "shiny dream team" Typhlosion Umbreon Clefable Bellossom Starmie Dragonite
Pokemon Ultra Moon:
Celesteela Pheromosa